Business Card Guide

Making A Marketing Business Card That's Worth Holding On To


Have you once been handed a business card the size of a pamphlet that had the same amount of texts as small news article and has the font size 6 just to fit every word? Business cards like these, don't ever serve a purpose and will most likely find its bitter end in a garbage can.

But how do you design marketing business cards at Tank Prints that have purpose and are straight to the point? Here are a couple of ideas.


1. Make the business card double as coupon. Like every business card out there, you'll want to have your name, email address, URL and phone number on, but you can spice it up with some kind of coupon. Maybe you throw in a coder for free shipping. It can also be a discount code for their first order. Having a business card that is also a coupon will surely give people a good reason to hang on to your card. Click Here!

2. You can jot down the name of the book you wish to recommend to somebody on the other side of the card. When I go into discussions with individuals, I frequently turn the discussion to a book I've perused. On the off chance that I've perused a book that answers an inquiry from the discussion I'm engaged with, I'll jot down the writer's name and book title on the other side of my marketing business card. Be sure to check out this website at for more info about business!


3. Write down some notes. I as of late met a lady in Starbucks. She was getting some information about a trip she took abroad. The lady had many inquiries. I gave her a business card and welcomed her to email me with her inquiries and advised her we'd both be cheerful to answer any inquiries she may have. I didn't need to compose a note as the lady took out a pen and scribbled down the association so she'd follow up.


4. Record a referral on the back of your card. For instance, in the event that you are addressing somebody and they request a good place to dine or a good doctor. jot down the requested data on the back of your business card.


Each of these thoughts gives the individual accepting your card motivation to hang on to the card. Work on getting your business card under the control of whatever number individuals as could be allowed. Ensure you've additionally given them motivation to clutch your card.